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You work your arse off so you can travel your arse off. So you can surf your arse off. So you can enjoy-yourself-and-not-worry-so-much your arse off!

The more you align your money decisions with the outcomes you truly want, the more you’ll gain clarity, confidence, and momentum ― for a happier, more fulfilling life, today and tomorrow.

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The Sufficient Funds Budget Tool covers everything you need to overhaul your finances and get your dollars in order. 

Skip the BS, and go straight to working out exactly how much money you’re spending, where your money is going to, and what’s leftover. 

From there, you know how much you can allocate to your goals, whether it’s investing, purchasing your first home or next investment property. 

Seamless tracking

Set up your spending without needing to track each and every transaction.

Plan your dreams

Plan and save for your goals and dreams, and know exactly how long it will take you to reach them.

Bite sized pieces

Strip down your financial plan into digestible, doable parts. i.e. micro-money decisions that matter and make an impact now.

Categorised spending

Segment all of your transactions by category so you know exactly how much you're spending on food, necessities, living expenses and more.

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think smaller so you can live the bigger pictureMicro-money decisions, investments, tactics and trade-offs; all delivered simply and honestly in ways that will deeply impact your future.